Tied is a price stable cryptocurrency offering a 1-to-1 relationship with the Euro. Every Tied coin is fully backed by (“Tied to”) one Euro.

All funds held are held in an escrow account offered by a tier one international bank.


Coin Liquidity

Tied coins can currently be traded for popular cryptocurrencies through our exclusive partnership with beaXchange.com*

beaXchange is a full featured cryptocurrency trading platform where you can buy and sell major cryptocurrencies through an easy, safe and secure website interface.

In the near future, beaXchange will provide a mechanism for customers to purchase Tied stablecoins using most major credit cards and fiat currencies.

Please return regularly to learn about the latest news and updates on both Tiedcoin.com and beaXchange.com.


* Subject to KYC/AML screening approval on our partner exchange - beaXchange



Tied can be directly exchanged for major cryptocurrencies, offering a quick, simple method of entering/exiting the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.



 Every Tied coin is 100% collaterised by Euro. Meaning, for every Tied coin that exists there is 1 Euro held in our secure currency reserve. 



 Our bank account holdings are published periodically and subject to regular independent audits. 



Built upon a robust, distributed, fault tolerant peer to peer network, which constantly verifies and checks all financial transactions before committing them to an irreversible open ledger.  


Blockchain Technology

Tied is a digital currency based on Stellar, a proven blockchain technology. A complete history of every transaction made through the network is accessible to all, through the Stellar blockchain explorer.



We strive to comply with all local and international banking, financial and cryptocurrency regulations to ensure that our customers are protected from fraud and money laundering practices via our stringent KYC/AML processes.

Money built for the digital age


The Euro currency was launched or introduced as an accounting currency on January 1, 1999. The Euro became the single currency of 12 European states in 2002, replacing currencies such as the German Mark, French Franc and Italian Lira. Even though the introduction of the Euro has resulted in a more stable European economy, the currency is still closely controlled by government and financial institutions.

The cryptocurrency revolution is upon us, democratising the banking system and handing financial control back to the individual. However, pure cryptocurrency prices are volatile and subject to extreme highs and lows due to their relative infancy. Enter, the stablecoin, a bridge between the old and the new...




Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the high transaction costs associated with each, it is not viable for business owners to offer their products and services in exchange for these digital currencies. To maintain profit margins business owners would need to update their prices on an hourly basis which would be extremely confusing for their customers. Tied offers a far better solution... a digital currency that always reflects the value of the Euro. Finally a cryptocurrency that can be used for commerce.  


If you have ever tried to transfer fiat money into or out of a cryptocurrency exchange, you will know that it can take days, if not weeks for your money to become available for trading. Tied offers a stable alternative that is as good as having the cash on hand. As soon as you wish to enter/exit the market, Tied can be instantly traded, no waiting required. Good time to invest in Bitcoin? Instantly trade your Tied for Bitcoin. Ethereum on a downward trend? Quickly sell for Tied and enjoy the risk free benefits of our stablecoin.


Why should you ask permission from a bank to allow you to deposit/withdraw your own money? Why pay huge bank fees to transfer your money from one place to another when it can be done at the click of a button? Why allow the banks to invest your savings, making healthy profits from your hard earned cash whilst charging you fees for the privilege to do so? Manage your own money through your free Tied wallet and the decentralised, distributed Stellar blockchain network. The only fee you will pay is a token transaction fee (when transferring to an external Tied wallet) introduced to discourage network abuse.


Experience the future of money!